On Felix St. 


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       Creating art has always been something i feel tears from inside and out of me.

     I love seeing others get inspired about art and design as much as I do and this is why I created "Felix St. Design" .

     Coming from a graffiti / street art bacKround and have created art for many gallerieS , clIents , buildings / murals and for my personal ownership, I have come to a conclusion .... Art should be a reflection of you and the space it is in. 

    Creativity is in everything.. It is painting or turning a wrench on in the shop, We all strive to leave a piece of ourselves in what we do.

  I started creating art to eXpress what I was excited about and what I was inspired by, Colors, Buildings, History, Puzzles! it all resonates with me and creating is how I express that emotion 

  Please contact me for any inquiry's on custom paintings or projects and check out my shop for existing paintings that are still available for sale! 

    If you have found an artifact please contact our Art Recovery Dept. on the  "Art Recovery" page , you know what to do... 

                       Thank you for showing interest